Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eliminate tickets with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Tickets. Parking tickets, speeding tickets, tollway violation tickets. Now there are red light tickets and speeding tickets from a camera now too. Everyone gets them, and everyone hates them. Get too many, and your vehicle could be booted and even impounded. If you are contemplating a bankruptcy case, consider chapter 13 bankruptcy. Many people are stuck with tickets after a chapter 7, and the city often wants a huge down payment for their 'hardship' plan. But with a chapter 13, you can discharge all of your tickets entirely. True, you will usually pay back a portion of the violations, often as little as 10 cents on the dollar. Talk to me today to see if a chapter 13 would be useful to you. I'll look at your budget and will devise a plan to repay your creditors over time. I can even get your cat back if the city still has it when I file your chapter 13 bankruptcy case too! Act now Attorney Terry Leeders 312-346-7400

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