Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oops, I did it again.

No, no, Brittany Spears did not file bankruptcy, but I have filed a Chapter 13 for a client.  He came to me in a pinch, because his car had just been repossessed and he wanted to get it back.

I introduced him to chapter 13.  This is an effective tool I used to force his lender to stop the auction scheduled for his car.  They were required by law to stop the sale, just hours before it happened because of my client's automatic stay protection the chapter 13 bankruptcy case provided him.

We came up with an affordable payment plan, and even allowed him to save thousands of dollars on the car, since it was terribly upside-down, where he owed much more than it was worth.   I was even able to allow him to pay back just 10 percent of his unsecured creditors, namely his credit cards and medical bills, discharging them in full upon the completion of his case.

I also was able to help him have an affordable payment plan, stretching the payments over 5 years, which helped keep his payments low.

Check out my Chapter 13 YouTube video here, where I get in to more detail on chapter 13 bankruptcy to help save a car.