Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Protecting assets in Chapter 13

Subject: bankruptcy
Question: I have thought about filing for bankruptcy, we bought a motor home when our finances were better, they have changed. with expenses of house payment and motor home payment and every day expenses it is getting too much. I am 66 and not working. my husband works because of health care and need the money. his income is around 19,000. we have a little in 401K. what will we be able to keep and can they garnish his wages and take our 401k?

Answer: This would depend on if you have any equity in the assets. Each state has exemptions to protect assets. Speak to a local attorney to do an asset/equity analysis, and if you don't have much equity, then you may qualify for chapter 7. If you have too much, then you would look at Chapter 13 to repay enough debt to protect the asset.
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